An atmosphere reclaimed

Pythodd Club Reunion

The Pythodd was fondly remembered by its patrons, performers, and employees. Decades after the club was demolished, a group got together recapture some of its magic, and on August 4th, 1990, they held the first Pythodd Club Reunion of Jazz Immortals at the Downtown Festival Tent near Washington Square. Jazz greats Jimmy McGriff, Lou Donaldson, Dr. Lonnie Smith headlined the show, which also featured several local musicians. The reunion’s success inspired Shep’s Paradise to bring live jazz back home to Clarissa Street. The Pythodd Club Reunion was held annually each summer until 1995, after which it moved to to the Pythodd Club’s original site and merged with a new annual festival, The Clarissa Street Reunion.
A community reunited

Clarissa Street Reunion

The Clarissa Street Reunion arose in 1996 after eight neighborhood friends walked around the area, reminisced, and decided to have “an old-fashioned street dance.” The first Clarissa Street Reunion recreated the vibrancy and community of the Third Ward in its heyday. Live music forms an important part of this ongoing festival which, from its start, incorporated the Pythodd Jazz Reunion. The combination of bringing jazz back to Clarissa Street was wildly successful: that first summer, 10,000 people gathered to reminisce and reconnect with old friends, a number that rose to 45,000 by 2001. Now entering its twenty-fifth year, the Clarissa Street Reunion is still held annually in mid-August. For more information visit The Clarissa Street Reunion’s website.
A jazz band of five preforms on stage at the Rochester International Jazz Festival.
An International Stage

Rochester International Jazz Festival

The nine-day Rochester Jazz Festival has been held annually in June since 2002, when it was founded by jazz musician John Nugent and Rochester native Marc Iacona. The festival facilitates more than 200 shows held in various venues across downtown Rochester and showcases local, national, and even international jazz performers. The first Rochester Jazz Festival, held in 2002, featured headliners Aretha Franklin, Dr. John, and Sonny Rollins and attracted more than 15,000 attendees. Since then, the festival’s popularity and national fame has grown exponentially: in 2018 more than 200,000 visitors came from around the world to hear jazz in Rochester. The Rochester Jazz Festival fittingly honors a century-old tradition and deep-seated local love for jazz.
Pythodd reborn?

Pythodd Club, Charlotte

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Why does the Pythodd hold such an elevated position in community memory?
What is the legacy of the Pythodd?
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