1990 - 1995

Pythodd Club Reunion

Legacy home

The Pythodd was fondly remembered by its patrons, performers, and employees. Decades after the club was demolished, a group got together recapture some of its magic, and on August 4th, 1990, they held the first Pythodd Club Reunion of Jazz Immortals at the Downtown Festival Tent near Washington Square. Jazz greats Jimmy McGriff, Lou Donaldson, Dr. Lonnie Smith headlined the show, which also featured several local musicians. The reunion’s success inspired Shep’s Paradise to bring live jazz back home to Clarissa Street. The Pythodd Club Reunion was held annually each summer until 1995, after which it moved to to the Pythodd Club’s original site and merged with a new annual festival, The Clarissa Street Reunion.

Clarissa Street
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