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The Spirit of the Pythodd Team

In the wake of COVID-19, our class had to get creative in figuring out how to translate our museum exhibit to the digital sphere. Here's the team that made that happen.

Erin is a third year student majoring in History with a special interest in British and Irish history. After undergraduate, Erin would like to continue her education within the Public History field. In her free time, Erin enjoys baking, knitting, and reading with her DG Book Club.

Erin Dietrick


Meaghan is a second-year English PhD student at the University of Rochester. Her doctoral studies focus on Romanticism, particularly in regards to the role of text, image, and religion.

Meaghan Green
Aesthetics Editor

Valentine is a fourth year student majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. After graduation, Valentine will be committing two years to Teach for America-Houston Corps. Currently, she is working on a novel centered around the Vietnam War and a non-fiction novel about education inequalities in the United States.

Valentine Le
Editor, Community Outreach Coordinator

Eleanor is a third year history and Japanese major with a research concentration in contemporary Japanese-American culture. After her undergraduate, she plans to continue her research while pursuing a PhD in history. Eleanor enjoys rock climbing, cooking spicy meals, composing music, and reading Jane Austen novels.

Eleanor Lenoe


Jeffrey is an undergraduate majoring in political science. In his free time he enjoys hiking, kayaking, reading, and studying for the LSAT.

Jeffrey Simmons


Isabel is a first-year undergraduate student studying English and History. She enjoys painting, writing, and reading fantasy novels in her free time.

Isabel Rivera


Marcie is a second-year English PhD student. Her research focuses on how, and why it’s necessary, the digital and public humanities reshape modern academia. When not reading, she can be found making websites or watching the Food Network.


Marcie Woehl

Digital Operations Lead

Dr. Jarvis is an early modern Atlantic, comparative colonial, and digital historian who uses archaeological, architectural and archival evidence to study Bermuda, West Africa, North America, and the Caribbean and create 3D models and immersive simulations to help the public better understand the past.

Dr. Michael Jarvis

Course Instructor

Dr. Ball is an economic and social historian of modern Brazil. Her research combines close readings of documents alongside statistical analysis to understand the daily lives and experiences of the working class. Her favorite museum is the Museu do Futebol in São Paulo, Brazil. One day she will take her three kids to experience its fabulousness.



Dr. Molly C. Ball

Course Instructor