About Our Partners

A community project is nothing without its community. Here are some groups we'd like to recognize.

Rochester Center for Community Leadership

The Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) commits to fostering a collaborative environment at the University of Rochester among students, faculty, staff, and community partners to discover transformative solutions and create equitable social change in the Rochester community and beyond.


107 Lattimore Hall
Rochester, New York
(585) 276-6860

Corn Hill Neighborhood Association

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association (CHNA) is a not-for-profit Corporation made up of Corn Hill neighborhood volunteers. The CHNA main mission is to preserve the historic beauty of Corn Hill and promote its community and civic spirit for the betterment of its neighborhood and surrounding area.

We would also like to especially thank Corn Hill Historian Jim DiVinney for his expertise and support before, during, and after this project’s completion. Thanks to him, we were able to make sure that the spirit of the Pythodd lives on as more than just a memory.

The Corn Hill Neighbors Association

133 South Fitzhugh Street
Rochester, NY 14608

Center for Teen Empowerment

The Center for Teen Empowerment aims to empower low-income, urban youth by developing their understanding of social problems in order to enact social change in their lives and their communities. The program has three locations: Boston and Somerville, MA and Rochester, NY. Here in Rochester, Teen Empowerment is working on a historical documentary featuring the elders from the old Third Ward in an effort to preserve the neighborhood’s rich history.


392 Genesee Street
Rochester, New York 14611
585-697-3464 | rochester@teenempowerment.org

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