1949 - 1976

Hi-Land Inn

A black and white photo depicts the street corner where Hi-Land Inn was.
On the right hand corner sits the Hi-Land Inn building circa 1950. Photo courtesy of the Collection of the Local History & Genealogy Divison
A vertical ad for the Hi-Land Inn lists upcoming performers. Sonny Stitt's name is bolded and surrounded by stars.
Hi-Land Inn ad circa 1953. Courtesy of the Democrat & Chronicle.

Though also owned by Wesley and Jane Morey, the Hi-Land Inn, located at 938 South Clinton Avenue, didn’t boast the same impressive record of performances as its more successful counterpart in Irondequoit. Regardless, it still managed to host legendary saxophonist Sonny Stitt and a number of touring musicians, backed by its oft-vaunted house band composed of Johnny Dunlap, Ray Dunlap, Chuck Cameron, Eddie Silagyi, and Bobby Woods. As the Ridge Crest Inn continued to secure top billing with its pantheon of names, the less popular Hi-Land Inn shifted back into a restaurant. Unlike many of its lost jazz club counterparts, the former structure of the Hi-Land Inn still remains, though now in the form of the Angry Goat Pub.

The Ridge Crest Inn
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