About the Archive

Our team conducted extensive background research on the Pythodd and Rochester’s jazz history. We collected newspaper articles, photos, videos, and located relevant websites. Much of this info was used in constructing our exhibit. The digital archive makes available everything we found (even if we didn’t directly use it in the exhibit). We hope that this research will be useful to future Pythodd projects or to visitors interested in learning more.

We did our best to provide links directly to each resource. Most articles can be viewed directly from the “Click to view resource” link. Some articles will link you to a portal that requires a University of Rochester login. If you have trouble viewing a resource you’re interested in please contact us and we will work to make it available to you.

Navigating the Archive

Once you have navigated to the digital archive you can:

1. Search the entire archive (search scans titles and item descriptions, and not the documents themselves).

2. Manually navigate the archive by first choose between “documents”, “photos”, “videos”, or “websites” (note: documents includes all written materials, newspapers, magazines, books, etc).

To manually search the archive:

1. Each archive section is divided up into categories. Documents is organized by publication.

2. Each category has sub-categories that further divided the resources. The sub-categories in the document section are the three “themes” of the exhibit.

3. Click on any document title to be taken to its document page.

4. Click “show all articles” to see all articles within each sub-category.

On each article page you will find:

1. Available document information such as title, publication, date, and a short description.

2. You will also find a link to view the resource.