August 1996 - present

The Clarissa Street Reunion

Pythodd Club

The Clarissa Street Reunion began in 1996 after eight neighborhood friends walked around the area, reminisced, and decided to have “an old-fashioned street dance.” The first Clarissa Street Reunion recreated the vibrancy and community of the Third Ward in its heyday. Live music forms an important part of this ongoing festival which, from its start, incorporated the Pythodd Jazz Reunion. The combination of bringing jazz back to Clarissa Street was wildly successful: that first summer, 10,000 people gathered to reminisce and reconnect with old friends, a number that rose to 45,000 by 2001. Now entering its twenty-fifth year, the Clarissa Street Reunion is still held annually in mid-August. For more information visit The Clarissa Street Reunion’s website.

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