Spirit of the Pythodd

Tasked with creating a project that promoted the history of Rochester’s Third Ward District, our preliminary research kept leading back to the same topic: The Pythodd Club. Located at 159 Troup Street, the Pythodd was more than just a jazz-fueled neighborhood hotspot, it was the heart of a community that would later be ravaged by urban renewal. Now, it’s remembered as one of Rochester’s most beloved jazz clubs.

But it didn’t have the great names coming through like the Ridge Crest Inn, nor did it have the charismatic bandleader Doug Duke keeping the customers coming back– what it did have, however, was an undeniable spirit. It’s a spirit that inspired photo collections, same-named establishments, jazz festivals, documentaries, and now, a website.

Consequently, we see the Pythodd Club as an exceptional example of how jazz has so deeply entwined itself with the Rochester community. As a result, we have structured our digital exhibit to best highlight different elements of that history. The “Jazzchester” section is devoted to a history of Rochester’s lively mid-century jazz scene, the “Spirit” section covers the unforgettable essence of the Pythodd, the “Legacy” section highlights the influences the Pythodd has had on Rochester’s jazz community today, and the “Digital Archive” section allows you to take a firsthand look through the resources that made this project possible.

We hope you enjoy visiting our exhibit– and maybe along the way you might encounter the sense of what journalists and patrons could only ever describe as “That Pythodd Feeling.”

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